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How to See Pictures/Photos on free Facebook Mode

As we all know Facebook Free Data mode has been available for long over a year now and it's now been used by millions of people. Many Facebook user's has being wondering why photos don't display on free mode well that's how it has been set by the network providers.
Because in every free stuff, it won't work 100% accurate so if you are so much in love to see photos on your Facebook feed you will need to purchase data or switch to data mode if you already have data.
As we all know Facebook Free Data mode has been available for long over a year now and it's now been used by

Networks which are supported in browsing free basics sites are 9mobile and Airtel.
As we all know, Facebook free mode doesn't show pictures except you switch onto Data Mode.
No doubt the Facebook free  mode has been so helpful to thousands of Facebook users that cant afford to buy data plan, so with the free data mode you can be entitled to use it for free but the only issue is that the pictures/photos won't display unless you switch to data mode like we said earlier.
Now let's get into the trick, we are going to show you a simple trick on how to see photos while using Facebook free mode so let's get started!


  • Grab up your Android device
  • Insert your free basis supported sims with out data ( currently Airtel and 9mobile are only the supported sims for Facebook free mode)
  • Facebook Lite. We shall be using Facebook Lite app for this tutorial as it's working perfectly with no doubt.
 Without any wastage of time...
  • Firstly, you need to download and install the Facebook Lite from Google PlayStore that if you don't have it already installed on you device.
  • After installing the app, open it for a minute and close the app.
  • Switch off your Data, then go to your phone settings » locate App » scroll down to Facebook lite » tap it, then clear the data of the Facebook Lite app.
  • Now switch on your Data again and Launch your Facebook Lite app.
  • Enter your login details and login won't load when trying to login.
  • Again just Quit the Facebook Lite app and re-open it, and it will surely load.
  • When it finally finish loading, You will see you are on Data mode. All pictures will now be visible for you to see but you can't watch videos on Facebook Lite app with this trick. That's all.
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