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9mobile Unlimited Data SIM Card for 2017-2018

The 9Mobile Unlimited Data SIM card is now available, although this SIM card has been on existence for 5months now and it has been working perfectly good so far.

Guess you may be in search or looking for this type of Sim Card, If yes you got no worries as we I shall provide all the necessary /available details concerning the 9mobile unlimited data Sim card and also how to get this magic SIM Card.

When talking about the best Telecom in Nigeria with no doubt 9mobile is know as the top best Network in Nigeria. Now with no wastage of our time let's see how to get the 9mobile unlimited data Magic SIM card.

How Does This Unlimited 9mobile  Data SIM card Works? 
¤ The 9mobile Unlimited Data SIM works using a proxy server.
¤ More also you may require a VPN on your Smartphone in other to make the connection works directly for all your Browsers & Application.
¤ One best thing is that  you can mainly use it on both Desktop or Mobile platform.

=> The SIM works perfectly on any Wi-Fi Hotspots or Router 
=> You can use it also on any Android Smartphone or Android TV Box *You may need or either use finchVPN to make every app on your device work simultaneously*
=> 9mobile Unlimited data SIM also works great on Computer ranging from Window XP to Windows 10. Setting up of your Proxy Connection in windows is required.

What Can The Unlimited 9mobile SIM Card Access?
=> The speed is faster the lightning. There is no noticeable lag when using it to stream high Quality videos.
=> Meanwhile,  it has a fast downloading speed and video streaming than the normal browsing.

Unlimited 9mobile Data SIM Card Terms and Conditions 
Terms/Conditions and Price tag apply to Whosoever Wants to Buy the Unlimited 9mobile data Magic SIM Card is been bound by the followings;

  1. This involves risk in the sense that it can be blocked at anytime.
  2. If you are not an avid Data user,  this might not be for you. 
  3. The ₦5,000 Price tag can be negotiable.
  4. In other to get yours you can simply get in talk with us via info@techzbot.com
  5. This tweak is only useable on SIM cards which are started with 0908****** and the chosen SIM cards music be unregistered.
  6. For you to buy this SIM,  you must have some basic knowledge on how to input characters on your phone's mobile Network /Cellular settings.
Finally, bear it in mined that you can not view any data balance with this SIM card.
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