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Ntel Roll Out New Superfast Unlimited Night Data Plans

Ntel has again rolled out another package lately by end of this year 2017. Before now many subscribers has been complaining about their current monthly data price.
Which goes for ₦10,000 to ₦12500 and now ₦17,500. And now Ntel are up again with another unlimited promo "Superfast night plans" that has been roll at a very cheap rate. Ntel announced this via its social media handle and claimed that it’s truly unlimited without any form of throttling. According to Ntel;

As recorded by Ntel: “Get the Unlimited Data that fits your pocket! ntel Unlimited U data from as low as 500. No data cap, no throttling, truly Unlimited”

Unlimited Ntel Night Data Plans and Price Tag: 
  1. ₦500 Unlimited U from 10pm-6am Validity (2days).
  2. ₦1500 Unlimited U from 10pm-6am validity (7days).
  3. ₦5000 Unlimited U from 10pm – 6am validity period is (30 days).
Keep surfing the net as this offer is valid till March 4 2018. So if you are the type that do watch YouTube Videos/Download Films or have any large file to upload/download this is the right time for you to do that. 

And according to Ntel, they said it's truly unlimited without any form of throttling. 

This same statement was made by airtel unlimited data plans when it was first introduce before subscribers find out it was capped and speed throttled.

But right now the airtel unlimited data plans has stop and replaced with new packages.
As for the Ntel Night plans, we just hope the speed won't be throttled.
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