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Sonic Game will be Launch on Facebook Messanger Very Soon

8This is actually silly,  Mark of facebook thinks as if we are automatically or in neeed of another excuse to spend even more and more of our live time on Facebook, the company is now launching a Sonic game on Messenger.
Back then after the launch of Facebook Games on the platform, Facebook have announced that the platform are still on a struggle to release a crop of new titles.

Among the mention games is the Sonic Jump from SEGA, which will "introduce a new, arcade style adventure to Messenger, featuring classic Sonic enemies, power-ups, and traps as players challenge friends to see who can jump the farthest".

This really sounds pretty neat right? The game has already been rolled out in some selected regions, and will become available around the world in the next few weeks.

On Messenger the angry birds will also going to be release following on from the launch of a Tetris remake.

Other newly announced games are Disney Tsum Tsum, which will include Disney characters, as well as a new puzzle game from GungHo Online Entertainment, the makers of Puzzles & Dragons.

Facebook has also announced that a new live streaming function for gamers will also be release, that means you can share your gaming experiences with friends, as well as a video-chat gaming experience that will be launch.
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