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Gboard beta added Auto-spacing after punctuation and many more features in v7:1 update

Google has silently rolled out an update of it's Gboard. The new Gboard beta updated version 7:1 brings much more several features like-- Auto-spelling, new Emojis, GIF making, hand writing settings, new languages & dialects, and lot more of it. The Gboard beta also adds support to the up coming Android operating system as well.
Gboard beta added Auto-spacing after punctuation and many more features in

As we all know Google has always keep working hard, regularly on their service for better update which now they have brought a new beta version of their Android keyboard.
So now lets look at what the new Gboard beta 7:1 update got for us.


1: Auto-spelling : This is a very pretty simple to use feature, it is disabled by default, so to turn on this feature just open the Gboard settings and turn on the switch which is located in the Text correction page.

So when ever you type a standard punctuation, Gboard will automatically add a space after it and if you type a space after the punctuation, Gboard will ignore the first one.
See screenshot below!

2: Hand Writing : The hand writing setting, this feature allow users to set the speed of scrolling and also the ability to set the thickness of strokes.

3: Emojis: With this feature, the latest addition in the Emojis are centered around super heroes and super villains in male/female sections and multiple skin tones as well.

4: Gboard Languages:  Gboard update always brings a set of new languages and this Gboard 7:1 beta also bring some, the developer has extracted the list from the app, but some of them might be available as time goes on as well.

5: Country - Specific TLD Options: On this feature the Gboard developer is now adding more country - specific ones for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan etc.

Some other feature include the ability to create Own GIFs. So rock on with this amazing new Gboard features.

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