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Secure your Facebook Account with Google 2 Step Authentication

The increase of using social media platforms now a day's, has gotten to the extend on which security is most important.
You might think you have already chosen a very strong password but unfortunately there might still be possibility for someone to hack your account.

To add an extra layer of protection to your facebook account, you should consider using the Two Step Google authentication.

Google Authentication Is One Of the top Security Layer To Our Accounts either it is Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or other Social Media Accounts. (Not Only Social Media Accounts).

Facebook has Two Step Authentication but why don’t we use that Instead of Preferring to Google’s Authentication?
Well, Off Course we can use Faceook’s Authentication but it only alert you when your account has been logged into a new unknown device or browser from unknown location. And Once anyone Logged into your account you can immediately take Action before your account should get hack.

Have you now understand how facebook Authentication work? If not, Let’s also See how Google Authentication Really work..

Google authentication (also known as Two-Step Verification) is a security method that uses two different ways to verify your identity. Instead of only entering a password to log in into your account, you will be asked to enter a code which is sent to you via text message or generated via an app. This verification helps make sure that only you can access your account.

How to Enable Two Step Google Authentication To Your Facebook Account

Now let’s see how to enable two Step Google Authentication to your Facebook Account as simple as ABC..

1. Firstly Search and Install the Google Authentication App on your Device from Playstore.

2. Now Open your Facebook Application and move into the Settings & Privacy.

3. Click on the Settings, To See The Option Security.
Now Click On the Option Security And Login.

4. Scroll Down a bit to get The Option ‘’ Use Two Factor Authentication ‘’
See below Screenshot;

5. By Default This Feature Is Disabled, Just Tap on it to Enable the Feature Now.

6. Here you can see Two Feature one is text Message and second one Authentication App.
7. Choose The Second One And Follow The Process, If You Wanted To Enable The Feature In The Device Which Is In Your Hand Then Select The Option ‘’Set Up On This Device‘’.

8. To Add it to Other Device Simply Open the Google Authentication App And Scan The Code.

9. The last Step kindly Enter The Authentication Code To Finish the Setup After Scanning / Setting Up Every thing.

Any Account that provides Two-Step Authentication can be access on One Signal Application call Google Authenticator.
No doubt, most of you Guys have used the Google Authentication on your Google Accounts but not on other social media accounts.

And If You want to Disable this Feature just Get into the Settings >> Security And Logins >> Use Two-Factor Authentication >>Click Turn Off To Disable This Feature.

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