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WhatsApp Now lets you send texts WITHOUT typing: Speech-to-Text

Our most popular messaging platform 'WhatsApp'  is here again and it keep on making us crazy with lots of amazing
updates to their platform for more user experience.
It allow you to convert your voice speech to text
The new feature is known as Speech-to-text, which allows you to peech into your mobile's microphone – then translates it into text. This feature is best and perfect for those that are too lazy to type when charting.

On a serious note, It’s not always easy to type  lengthy  message when chatting. In fact,  it can often to be time consuming if you’re trying to tell someone a lot of information.
Well, WhatsApp voice message feature has been there ever since, and it has gotten so popular which most of the WhatsApp user's use to send a voice record message.

But however not everyone likes receiving voice messages, because it’s not always convenient to listen to those voice record messages.
That’s actually why WhatsApp has now decided to add a speech-to-text feature that will turn your spoken words into a text message.

The Speech-to-text feature was added in the latest version of WhatsApp. and its available for both iPhone and Android users.

How to Use WhatsApp Speech to Text

The WhatsApp version you are using might not have the Speech-to-Text feature so what you first need to do is.... Head straight into the Google Play Store and make sure you’ve got the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your android smartphone. While Iphone users can do same by going to Apple App Store.

Then follow these below steps:

  • Launch the WhatsApp application
  • Open a chat with the contact you want to speak to
  • Open up the chat keyboard, where you’d normally type messages
  • Look for a microphone icon (not the one next to the chat bar): on Android, it’s black and in the top right, and on iPhone it’s in the very bottom right of the screen
Whatsapp speech-to-text this feature will turn your spoken words into a text message

If you want a comma and a question mark, simply say "comma" or "question mark" out loud. It's the same story for adding "full stop".

Once you've finished your message, check it over and then hit send.

When you're speaking into the microphone, remember to talk clearly and enunciate words – as turning speech into text is very tricky for apps.
It's also best to dictate your message in a quiet place, to give your microphone the best chance of picking up your words.

You can always edit your dictated message before you send it anyway, to correct any typos that may appear.
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