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You can Transfer Contacts and all App Data to New Android Device via Xender

Have you just bought a new Android phone? And there are lot of contacts you saved on your old Android phone due to Sim card full and you can't afford to loose all those contacts?
Well there is a much more better way to help you transfer your Contacts from your old android phone to the new one without stress.
In this post I am going to show you effective way that will help you to easily switch/transfer/migrate all your contacts including all files and apps data from your old mobile phone to the new one.
There are many ways in which you can tranfer your contact including some of your app data on android phone but am going to show you the easiest method which is done via Xender application with just one click.

Xender app allows Android users to share files seamlessly between two or more phones, PC and also between iOS. This great app also allows phone users to transfer all Contacts, Messages, Music, Pictures, Apps, Call logs, Videos, Notes and other mobile data from their old phone to their new phones using the xender smartphone replication option.

According to Xender, Smartphone replication allows Smart switch of mobile data like your, music, videos contacts, SMS, pictures, games and any other files from your old phone to the new phone with just one click.

How To Transfer Contacts and all App Data to New Android Device on Xender

To do this, make sure Xender is installed on both phones.

1. Now Open the xender and touch the avatar at the top left of the app on both phones then select Phone Replicate.
See screenshot below

2. On the “This phone is?” screen, select new on the new phone and select old on the old phone. Everything is pretty much straightforward from there.
4. On the new phone, select either “Old phone is android”
5. Connect the phones and select what to copy on the new phone (logs, contacts). Hit the Import Button to begin.

Once you hit on the import button, all your contacts including call logs will be transfered to your new phone, you can select Messages, Music, Pictures, Apps, call logs and videos to transfer all there data at a time.
So you see how simple it is right?
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