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How to Withdraw Money with FingerPrint via GTBank ATM - No ATM Card or PIN Needed

Do you know that you can now withdraw money from GT Bank ATM without using your ATM card or some 12 digit withdrawal reference number? all you need is just Fingerprint.
How to Withdraw Money with FingerPrint via the GTBank ATMs - No ATM Card or PIN Needed
Fingerprint withdrawal is a new feature added to some selected Guaranty Trust Bank ATM's to give you access to your money any time and at any day except, if you forget your finger at home.

Fingerprint withdrawal is one of the most and more convenience way of withdrawing your money, No 'ATM card' or PIN needed.!
You don't need to generate any 12 digit withdrawal Ref number before you can withdraw your cash. Although it similar to the previous Card-less withdrawal ( GTRescue or Verve Paycode).

NOTE: Whether you have an account with GTBank or with other banks, your BVN details got you covered to withdraw your money at GTBank ATMs in selected locations using just your fingerprint.

How to Withdraw Cash with Just Your FingerPrint via GTBank ATMs

  • Locate any GTBank ATM nearest to you with ThumbPrint attached Hardware.
  • Press the “Enter” button on the ATM
  • Select the “FingerPrint Withdrawal” optionn
  • Enter the “Phone Number” of your account and click on "Proceed".
  • Place your right thumb on the hardware thumbprint for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Remove your hand and click on "Proceed".
  • Enter “ Amount”, then press “Enter“ button to proceed
  • And cash will be dispensed as usual.
This system of withdrawal is surprisingly easy to be use, and its a service that comes in handy whenever you're without your debit card or if your existing debit card is lost, stolen, damaged or retracted.
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