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Easy Way to Hide Friends on Facebook to Avoid seeing Posts You Don't Like

Is there a particular person on your facebook friend list that always post and his post do irritate you or that person's post do make you angry? Are you tired  of seeing that persons post and thinking of blocking or unfriending him or her? Well, no need of you unfriending or blocking them. kindly read through this post.
How to hide friends on Facebook to avoid seeing stupid post

Some of the Posts in your Facebook News feed are mostly posted by those people you know in real life including the one's you don't know at all, so far as they are on your friend list. And you simply don’t want to see some of those boring Post's, posted by a particular person. you can simply Hide that person instead of unfriending or blocking him or her.

As a result of this, this is a process of hiding what a particular person post, so it doesn’t show up in your news feed.

How to Hide a Friend You Don't Usually Like to See His or Her Post on Facebook

Go to the facebook profile of that particular person you want to stop seeing his or her post.
Then follow example on the below screenshot.
Easy Way to Hide Friends on Facebook to Avoid seeing Posts You Don't Like

Now by doing this, all future updates from that particular friend will not be seen by you. Their posts won’t be displayed in your news-feed again without you blocking or unfriending them.

Mined You;
They will still be there in your friend list and can send you message or like your status, posts, photos & videos etc.

This is a very nice option rather than you blocking or unfriending him or her, why because by doing it this way, you don’t have to live with the risk of offending them or have to totally disconnect with them.
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