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Easiest way to Create Multiple Gmail Account without Phone Number Verification

As we all know, when Signing Up for your new Gmail account before you can complete the process of creating the account, you need to verify your phone number.
Simple way to create email address on Google without phone number verification

Let’s say you want to create a new Personal email address, or you want to create an email address for your online transaction, and you don’t really want to associate your Phone Number with the account, then the process of creating the Gmail account won't be completed.

Why because when creating your Gmail account, Google will prompt you to enter your phone number because they will send you some six digit numbers as a text message via that number in other for you to verify the personal ownership of that account.

How to create gmail account without number verification

Sometimes Google won't allow you to proceed further even though you enter the phone number, you won’t be able to verify it if you have been useing the same phone number on various Gmail or Google accounts.

But this time I will share with you guys a very shortest way How I usually create Many Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification, so no need to use a phone number or to buy a new simcard.

Do you urgently want to create a Gmail account? 

Please go through the below steps, it's easy and simple.
No phone number Verification needed.

1. Open your Gmail app, I guess its has been already installed on your smartphone, be it Android or iOS.

Now you will see a small drop down button at the right hand side of the app as seen on the below screenshot. just "Tap" on it.
How to create gmail account without phone number verification
2. After you have "Tap" it a section will appear like on the below image , you’ll find an option called “Add account.” Click on that.
Add Google gmail account
3. Then here, select the “Google” option.
Create Gmail accounts without phone number verification
4. Now, at the bottom-left sight, you’ll find the “Create account” option, Click on it.
How to create Gmail email address without phone number verification
5. Then fill up your desire information.
By following the above steps, you can create your Gmail account without your mobile phone number verification as simple as that.

That's all about it, I personally use this simple method to create many Email addresses with Google for my blogs, online transactions any many more. while doing this, I haven't faced any issue. So i decided to share it with you guys, althought many of you may have known of this, but I share this in respect of those that don't know.

Please kindly let us know if this work out for you and if you have any queries regarding this, drop them below I will help you!

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