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Fidelity Bank: How to Disable *770# mobile Banking on your lost Sim Card

If you have lost your mobile phone all together with your mobile banking sim card  inside the phone and would like to disable the Fidelity *770# instant banking on that your lost SIM in other to protect it from unauthorized use before you retrieve it back.

Then you have no worries, today am going to show you how to deactivate or block the  *770# Fidelity service code not to work on your lost SIM until you have access to the lost sim.

Benefit of using *770# Fedility Mobile Banking Code

  • For easy and fast transaction 
  • Its stress-free and convenient
  • You dont need to enter the banking hall. Etc

Importance of Blocking the *770# Fidelity Mobile Banking on your lost Sim

  • It allows you to secure your account promptly when ever your phone gets stolen or missing.
  • To avoid unauthorized access to your account.
  • To prevent unauthorized transactions on your account
  • Instant security for your funds.

How to Disable *770# Service on your lost or stolen Sim Card

Well, it quite easy and simple. To disable or block Fidelity bank instant banking service on your lost SIM card, all you will need to do is to borrow any of your friends phone and Dial *770*911*Your-Phone-number#

Example: *770*911*08143362632#

And that's all.

Hopefully this has help.
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