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Hide your WhatsApp Chat without using Password

WhatsApp is one of the top social media nowadays and we all use it to communicate with our (Love ones) friends, family and other people like business partners. And some of the messages that we share with them on WhatsApp can at times be a sensitive information which you wouldn't like anyone to see it.

And in result of that, you might like to Hide those important chat and keep it away from eyes of other's but because you dont know how to do it, you have no option rather than to delete all the conversation.

Well, no matter what the reason is, here in this post i will show you how to hide your sensitive or private WhatsApp Chats. I know in Modded version of WhatsApp, this feature is enabled but this is for those who uses the Official WhatsApp version. And i hope many will find it useful.
Just follow the simple guide below.

How To Hide Private Chat on WhatsApp

To hide your WhatsApp chats is so simple by using this Feature Called “Archived Chat“, This WhatsApp feature allows you to hide a conversation from your Chats screen and access it later. You can Hide either Groups or Individual chats using the Archive Feature. So let's proceed!

1. Launch your WhatsApp app
2. On your Chats interface.
tap and hold it on the chat your want to hide
3. Now tap on the Archive icon which appears on the top bar as shown bellow.
How to hide WhatsApp chat from showing on WhatsApp chat interface
You have now successfully archived the chats and you have hide your private chat from showing on your Chat interface.

Now let's See how you can Unarchive Or view your Archived Chats

1. Scroll down to the bottom of your WhatsApp Chat interface and you will see a write up "Archive"
see below image.
Scroll down to the bottom of your chat interface

2. Tap on it and the Archive folder will open.
3. Now select and tap on the chat that you wish to unarchive and you will see the Unarchive icon at the top bar, then tap on it.
Now select and tap on the chat that you wish to unarchive and you will see the Unarchive icon at the top bar, then tap on it.
That's All.

Please Note: You can Hide/Archive Your chats as many as you can. The Archive Chat feature will not delete any conversation or create a backup on your SD card.

Hopefully I guess this has helped.
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  1. Cool to see my chat on the screenshot even though you didnt save my contact I wonder how you added me to your group

    1. Hello Triumph....
      Happy to see you here.

      Talking about how I added you to my group without saving your number. Well, there are ways to add users to a group without saving his or her line. Am going to write an article about that soon.
      Just stay glue to this blog


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