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How to subscribe 4GB of Data With Just ₦500 on MTN Sim

MTN has revisited all their data plans and as such, mtn users can now get a whooping 4G data for just ₦500. This 4GB data plan was mainly launched for heavy Internet users. Those who love downloading huge video files, music and also streaming of videos in Youtube and other video streaming site's.
How To Activate MTN 4GB For just N500 naira
I know many of you has heard of this for a long time now,
But hey....! Don't quickly dial *131*1# to check it cos today i will be putting you through the easiest means of you getting the MTN  4GB for just ₦500.

Also, remember that you can still Browse free without using data on your MTN on 24clan VPN and you can also Borrow extra credit from AIRTEL with  0% service charge.

Well, it was said According to MTN:
People’s data needs have changed, we recognize that. Our customer's need much more and we are delivering that for less,”

Now Let's quickly see the steps on..

How To Activate MTN 4GB For just ₦500 only

1. You firstly have to Buy a new MTN Sim, Register and activate it.

2. Now Migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun (Default Plan).

3. To buy your 4GB data plan for just only N500 naira, simply dial  *131*1*1# then reply with 5 to get your 2GB for N500.
To buy your 4GB data plan for just only N500 naira on mtn
4. After when you have select 2GB for N500, the data (2GB) will be doubled, making it (4GB).
And you will continually get double data on any data you purchase for the next 4months.

5. Data validity is 2 days.

And That's all on getting 4GB data for just N500 naira.
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  1. Nicely pit. Steps so easy to follow. I'm defo trying that out. Thanks


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