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How To Make Call On 9mobile While The Receiver Pay for the Call

There are situations where you are out of airtime at a spot and you need to make an urgent call, maybe you are in a location where airtime is not available or even recharge via your mobile app or you probably run out of airtime in the middle of a call, or as a student you might need to call your family member, in any of those situations you might need to use the receiver pays service, hopefully the recipient will have some Airtime and pay for the call charges, so here is how you can do that with ease on 9mobile.
So here is how you can do that with ease on 9mobile.
As a 9mobile user, you will be able to call that your special friend while he/she pay for the call but Note that this only works when you call a 9mobile number (9mobile to 9mobile) and not any other network.

How To Make Call While The Receiver Pays On 9mobile (Etisalat)

Well, before placing the call you will have to add 268 as prefix to the number you are calling, E.g 2680809xxxxx then dial it, and when the person pick up the call, they will pay for every second spent while talking to you on the phone.

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